Knives Down "Inspire Someone" T-shirt


We initially brought this out back in 2017, when there was a lot of knife incidents in our local area around Birmingham. Knife crime is now on the rise especially leading towards summer. Our aim is to raise awareness through fashion. We believe we now have a big enough platform across Facebook, Instagram and tiktok to make a huge impact. Profits of these t-shirts will be going towards bleed kits in local areas which have a high percentage of knife crime incidents. Bleed kits slower the blood flow when someone is wounded which can potentially save a life ❤️

The  heavy weight t-shirt, cut from 220 GSM organic cotton, is sturdy yet provides a relaxed fit. Complete with a heavier rib construction and herringbone back neck tape for extra durability. Featuring 6mm 2-needle top-stitching.

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